We are holy smokes. we are cincinnati bbq.

Western Cincinnati’s destination for craft BBQ and home to Ohio’s finest KCBS-sanctioned, professional BBQ competition.

This is where #barbequebringspeopletogether

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Just for fun, do you know all our previous taglines? If you don’t have one of these shirts, check out our merch page!

  • 2021 – No Competition due to COVID-19 Restrictions
  • 2020 – 2020 can take our comp, but it can’t take our fire. No Competition due to COVID-19 Restrictions
  • 2019 – Blessed are those that smoke meat for they shall inherit the girth
  • 2018 – The fourth king brought Brisket
  • 2017 – Shout out to Noah for Grabbing the Pig
  • 2016 – Eve Owes Me Some Ribs