2017 Our Lady of Victory Holy Smokes BBQ competition presented by:


Our Lady of Victory Holy Smokes BBQ Competition 2017 is being held August 4th and 5th at Our Lady of Victory Parish.  There are 32 teams traveling from all across the country to compete against one another!  Teams will be competing in four different categories (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork and Brisket) and will be going for the title of Grand Champion of our event, where top-placing teams will win trophies and prize money!BBQ Competition

And new in 2017 is our Kids Q competition!  Kids will be lighting there grills to cook for a panel of judges in the hopes of becoming the Kids Q Grand Champion!  And just like the Pro Teams… trophies and prize money will be given out to the top teams in the Kids Q!

Pig Races    You can mingle with the teams or have fun playing games or betting on the piggies!  That’s right… the pigs will be running throughout the day on Saturday.  Stop by the Piggy-cino booth to place your bet then watch the little guys race to the finish!

BBQ VendorThen make your way over to any of our vendors to get yourself some mouth-watering BBQ, soft and creamy ice cream, fluffy fried funnel cakes, or kettle corn that is dressed with a local favorite… Grippo’s BBQ powder!

So come and join the fun!  There’s plenty to do for the entire family… you won’t want to miss it!  Plug the address into your GPS, phone, or give it to your Uber driver…

Our Lady of Victory Parish, 810 Neeb Road, Cincinnati, OH 45233

We’ll see you there!

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